5 simple Ayurvedic home remedies for skin and hair care this festive season

The bubbly season is practically here which implies it's the ideal opportunity for us to prepare our skin and hair for all the family capacities, social affairs, and different celebrations. Pursue these Ayurvedic tips. 

Need to look ravishing this happy season? Dr. Kavita Ugale, Ayurveda master, Birla Ayurveda recommends we state no to synthetic compounds and join simple Ayurvedic solutions for healthy skin and hair care.

1. Remain hydrated: Since the celebrations come amid October-November when its hot is most pieces of the nation, the issue of pimples and sleek skin increments. The best common approach to keep up clear skin is by devouring abundant water for the duration of the day. Drinking water additionally anticipates perspiring and warming of the body.

2. Decline puffiness and dark circles: Staying up till late can make your eyes puffy in the first part of the day. Make a point to wash your eyes with Triphala water each morning to keep away from puffiness. Drench Triphala (powder of Amla, Bhibhitaki and Harda) medium-term and channel it in the first part of the day. You will see a huge distinction in and around your eyes! To keep away from dark circles around your eyes, apply potato cut or back rub your eyes in a roundabout movement with apricot oil or badam oil.

3. Use aloe vera and cucumber: Apply cucumber gel or aloe vera gel all over before applying any beautifying agents. It hydrates and supports the skin. A mix of cucumber gel with aloe vera gel and lavender oil revives the skin. Apply it day by day medium-term and wake up to hydrated and crisp skin each morning.

4. Head wash with Ayurvedic herbs: Hair fall and dandruff are basic amid the merry season. A lot of perspiration gets collected because of the consistent warmth created in the body while taking part in bubbly moves. This perspiration prompts an unusual development of microorganisms around the hair follicles. Utilizing over the top cleanser can prompt dryness of the hair, rather wash your hair with the decoction of Triphala, Ritha (cleanser nut) and Shikakai (Acacia concinna). This will hold the common sparkle of your hair. Apply a glue of fenugreek seed (methi) toward the beginning of the prior day head wash. This counteracts dandruff as well as offers radiance to your hair.

5. Utilize dissolved wax with sesame oil: Don't give your harsh and dried out lips a chance to ruin your happy look and feel. Utilize softened wax with some sesame oil for a couple of minutes. After the wax cools and evaporates, it expels the chips of the wax. This will promptly protect the dampness and diminish the lips.

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